Sunday, September 15, 2002

Well, this weekend didn't go as smoothly as the two previous. I was supposed to take the shot in the side of my leg today, and I didn't get it far enough to the side. I bled a little more, but it was still OK.

I decided to try Aleve this time instead of Tylenol. I didn't get any chills, and I did sleep through the night, but I ached horribly when I woke up. I felt bleah, much worse than the previous two times. Once I started taking Tylenol again, the muscle pain went away, and I felt more like myself. I felt so drained when Tim and I went to the grocery store. I tried to take it easy for the rest of the day.

I had more energy today. It's almost dinner time, and I am getting tired now, but I was able to run errands with Tim with no trouble.

I've got a software upgrade next weekend, so resting on Sunday will not be an option. I'll have to be at work at 9am Sunday. So next Saturday is pamper day, and I will make myself take it easy so that I can have the needed energy for work. Now let's just hope that the pager doesn't go off during the week, since I'm on call starting tomorrow!

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