Thursday, September 19, 2002

Talked to my Avonex nurse Lorie (sp?) a couple of days ago. She's nice and seems quite knowledgeable about the medicine and what sort of things for me to expect. When I told her about my experiences with Aleve and Tylenol, she told me that she's heard that some medicines work better for some patients than for others. She also told me to leave my medicine out for an hour before shot time to let it get up to room temperature, instead of the 30 minutes mentioned in the book, to further help alleviate the side effects. She reassured me that the fatigue should get better, even though that seems to be the symptom that lingers the longest for a lot of folks. She's going to call me again in 4 weeks, and I'm looking forward to talking with her again.

I'm starting to get back into exercising. I've actually gone back to the gym twice this week. It had been too long away. Hopefully, getting back into a regular exercise routine will also help my energy level.

I've been picking on Tim. This was going to be his first week administering the shot...but guess who's going to be out of town on Friday night? Awfully convenient that he has a professional association meeting on the very weekend that he's supposed to stick a needle into my arm. Oh well, I'll just rotate back to the front of my right thigh, since it's just lil' ole me.

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