Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well, last night was the first time I was alone for my shot. Things went fine. I do have a nice big bruise at the needle site. I still have to learn how to get the gauze pad unsealed and ready while holding the syringe. I bruised because I jiggled the syringe. The bruise doesn't hurt.

I've had fewer side effects this time, and I haven't had to be so faithful on the medicine. In other words, I can't tell time by my symptoms this time. Four hours can pass, and I'll still feel OK. I left the medicine out for an hour before the injection, and it looks like that does indeed cut down on the symptoms.

I got my information pack from the Pooch Parade today, and I'm looking forward to getting my fundraising efforts off and running. I never thought of myself as a fundraiser, and I always dreaded doing it in the past. I guess it helps to have a cause that really matters.

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