Friday, September 27, 2002

Home from work for the second day in a row. Hopefully this will do the trick, and I'll get my energy back.

I'm learning that it's all right to be honest about being tired. I've tried to be polite and not burden people, but I'm giving up on that route. Last night, I went to choir practice, and someone gave me a hard time because we only show up when one of us has a solo. Well, a major reason why we've been missing rehearsals has been my adjustment to the medicine. A large percentage of the rehearsals I've missed have been directly related to my medicine. And Tim has been concerned about me and wanted to stay home and care for me those nights. I'm just glad the ignorant, insensitive comment was made to me instead of him. It's hard enough dealing with a spouse's illness without getting comments like that.

Well, last night I was exhausted, but I was there. I stayed in my seat during the entire rehearsal, even when the rest of the choir stood. And this time I actually told people how worn out I feel, instead of giving the imprecise, polite "I'm fine" comment.

I'll do what I can do, and if that's not good enough for other people, then that's their problem. I just wish they'd keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

Tim gave me my shot for the first time last night, and he did an awesome job. I've had painful shots in the arm before, so I was nervous about what to expect. I knew he'd try to be gentle, but he's inexperienced at administering shots...and I've had experienced people hurt me before in the arm. But Tim was great. My arm feels good, and there's no bruising.

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