Thursday, September 26, 2002

One of the scariest things about this stupid illness is wondering whether something you feel is "normal" or the start of an MS attack.

A couple of days I got very, very tired and starting having headaches. If it weren't for MS, I'd just be thinking, "Oh, I've just been pushing myself too hard. And with the recent weather changes, it's not a surprise that my sinuses are acting up."

Instead, here's what I'm thinking: "Is this MS fatigue? That pain in my left eye socket could be sinuses...or it could be optic neuritis. Oh great, I'll have to take half days for IVs again. And I'll still be taking meds when I head down to the beach next weekend." The imagination goes wild.

So today I'm home from work, trying to figure out if I'm having an exacerbation or just feeling run-down. The good news is that I don't think it's an exacerbation. At least, I know I'm not suffering from optic neuritis, because if I were, my eye would be feeling worse instead of better. Hopefully a day of rest and relaxation will help me get the spring back in my step.

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