Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Wow! I sent out my email letter about the MS Pooch Parade two days ago, and I've been getting terrific response so far. I'm so grateful for everyone's pledges and kind thoughts. I have a minimum that I must meet to participate, and it's a relief that I'm very close to it already. And I was reminded about corporate matching gifts as well, so I hope people will take advantage of that route if available. I also posted a message in the fundraising classifieds on my office Intranet.

Sigh. I'm not a fundraiser. I used to groan whenever an organization would try to get me to help them raise money. But this is personal. Yes, I'm selfish, since I have this disease. But I've also realized how many people who are affected by MS would love to be out there, walking to raise money, but they are physically unable. I owe it to them. I also owe it to my family to fight, to do whatever it takes to beat this stupid disease.

I'm just grateful that y'all make it so easy. Thanks.

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