Friday, October 04, 2002

Excellent report from the neurologist today. He was quite pleased with both my progress and attitude. And when he told me my vision has improved! During my eye appointment in May, my left eye was a blurry 20/30. Today, it's a blurry 20/20! I was ready to do cartwheels.

Then they sent me off to get some bloodwork done. The Avonex nurse had warned me that I would need to have blood tests to make sure there wasn't any liver damage due to my medicine, so this wasn't a surprise. And I was so unimpressed with having to get another needle in my arm - yawn!

Tim did well last night on my shot. It was a little high on my arm, so it ached for a little while. The important thing is that he got it in the muscle. You can barely see the spot on my arm - no bruising at all this time. Meanwhile, I still have bruising from my last self-adminstered shot two weeks ago.

We're off to the beach for the weekend - that's why I took my shot on Thursday instead of Friday. It was just easier not to have to transport it, excuse myself from the gathered friends, and then figure out a way to dispose of the silly thing. I know that eventually I'll have to deal with the issues of taking my medicine while out of town, but I'm opting for later rather than sooner.

This is the first time I've taken the shot before a workday, and it's working out just fine. I was feeling so well this morning that I forgot to take my Tylenol on time - I took it 2 1/2 hours late! Definite improvement for me. When I first started taking Avonex, I could just feel when 4 hours had passed since my last dose of Tylenol. This time, I'm pushing myself harder than in the past and getting through it just fine.

I'll probably fall asleep early tonight. Who cares? I'll be on vacation.

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