Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Long overdue update...

Went to the beach this weekend. I was nervous about how I would handle everything, since I had taken my shot on Thursday night. Would I feel too tired to join in on the fun? Would I have a fever/chills/other yucky side effects? NO. I played hard, went to bed late, ate whatever I wanted to, and was fine all weekend. Only hint of a symptom was numbness in my right leg Saturday night right before I went to bed (actually, I guess that counts as Sunday morning, ha ha ha).

Went for walks on the beach Saturday and Sunday. I did start to feel worn out during the walk on Saturday, so I told my fellow walkers that we either needed to head back, or they would need to pick me up on the way back. I was very tired when I sat down in my beach chair after the walk, but the fatigue quickly passed. Fortunately, the ocean was deliciously cool - but not too cool to go in - so I could easily bring my body temperature down despite the heat. Everyone just got used to me getting up and heading down to get my feet wet. It also helped that I took a break to make lunch on Saturday, so I was inside an air-conditioned beach house for about an hour in the middle of the day.

This weekend was a wonderful lesson for me. I can go have fun as long as I'm willing to listen to my body and take breaks as needed.

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