Thursday, March 06, 2003

I always tell myself I'm going to write something in my blog, but then I let things pile up until I end up writing one big massive entry.


Woohoo! Tim and I leave tomorrow for a long weekend at The Greenbrier. I bought a certificate at a charity auction and got a great deal. After our amazing anniversary trip last June to the Grove Park in Asheville, I've got Tim addicted to resort/spa vacations. But what's not to like? Getting pampered, great food, and not having to worry about chores, taxes, etc. for an entire weekend!

Tim excitedly poured over the spa menu and decided to try a stone massage. Since I've never had one, I thought it would be fun to try something new. So Saturday afternoon, we'll find out what the fuss is all about. Tim also wants to take a carriage ride while we're there - should be fun!


I got email last week! It was so cool hearing from folks. It also reminded me how far (and I mean really far) behind I am on responding to the regular mail I've gotten. And let's not even bring up the fact that I didn't have my act together to get Christmas cards out this year. I have been thrilled by every letter, note, and card I've gotten, and I am trying to get back on track with my correspondence so I can let folks know personally.

Happy? Anniversary

The 15th of this month will mark a year since I found out I have MS. I plan to spend the day watching the ACC Tournament semi-finals and participating in a fantasy baseball online draft. In other words, I plan to just keep doing what I always do. That's all I can do, isn't it?

The Silly Side of My Life

As I mentioned, I have a fantasy baseball team. Actually, I have two teams, the Ballhogs and Base-ically Evil. I also have a fantasy hockey team (Bluebabies), a fantasy NBA team (BallGods), and a fantasy golf team (19th Hole Gang). Once a sports junkie, always a sports junkie. I've just expanded into fantasy sports. At least I don't have a fantasy NASCAR team...yet/


I'm still doing a great job on my Get With the Program exercises, and I'm easily beating the minimum number of workouts per week. Next week, I'm moving to Phase 2 of the program, so I'll have to balance those exercises with cardio workouts. Given the number of days I'm currently exercising, it should not be a problem.

My Pilates class comes to an end next week. I've already signed up for the continuation. During class Tuesday, I was amazed at how far I've come...and how much I still have to learn. But I'm having a lot less back pain, both frequency and severity. My flexibility has already improved dramatically. Given the muscle spasticity that can accompany MS, I am definitely sticking with what is working for me.

It's funny, though...I used to hate doing ab exercises (and I'm still not enthused about the ones in GWTP), but I enjoy working my abs like crazy during Pilates class. Go figure.

MS Walk

The MS Walk is scheduled for Saturday, April 5. I've been a deadbeat about registering, but I will be doing the walk. More information to follow. Since I'm not in as good shape this year as I was last year, I'll definitely be needing moral support to get through this!

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