Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, yesterday was weird. I had a heat reaction while I was at work yesterday. I wore a sweater (cotton, not incredibly heavy), and I decided to drink some herbal tea during the afternoon. The next thing I knew, I felt flushed and worn out. I quickly switched to cold water instead of tea, but I still felt tired. When I went to my Pilates class, I did not feel completely up to par. I'm proud of myself, though, because I did finish the class without wearing myself out. I recognized my limits and stopped when I needed to - at one point, I even got up and grabbed a cup of water.

One of my biggest fears about exercising is not being able to recognize my limits and pushing myself to where I was wearing myself out instead of building myself up. Last night was a prime example of not doing that. After the exercise. a shower, and dinner, I felt loads better.

Another cool thing about the exercise class is that I'm really starting to notice some progress. Whether it's more control over a Pilates move (I can do Rolling Like a Ball and actually roll when I want to instead of just flopping around spastically) or going deeper into a hamstring stretch, I'm seeing my body capable of doing some things it couldn't do at the beginning of the year.

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