Friday, February 21, 2003

Oops. It's been a while since I've updated this, hasn't it?

Publicity? for my blog

I was so excited. Our local paper was doing an article on local webloggers, and they contacted me about an interview. We had a 10-minute phone interview, and she talked to me about the possibility of getting my picture taken. Well, the article appeared, and the only thing they used from my interview age. I'm sure that the lives of my fellow Raleighites are so much richer now that they know I'm 35. I've gotten one email based on that article, from a guy who wanted me to read his book. The book has nothing to do with MS, he just wanted someone to read it. Nope.

Upcoming MS Events

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Durham for a half-day conference on clinical trials. Should be an interesting update on the ongoing research.

The MS Walk is April 5. I haven't signed up yet, because I heard there was a chance that the Pooch Parade would be held on the same weekend. The doggies had so much fun that I have to make sure to participate again this year. I don't think that's going to happen, though, so I can sign up for the walk. Time to start training! My friend Donna mentioned putting together a team, so we're trying to think of a cool name. After all, I was one of the top individual fundraisers for the Pooch Parade (thanks to y'all!!!!), so if our team name gets published, we don't want it to be something stupid. Once I do sign up, I'll include a link here, so people can donate if they choose.

The new medicine

I've been on my new medicine (in addition to the Avonex) for the past two weeks, and things are going well. I've had some insomnia, but otherwise no bad side effects. The neurologist told me that my hip pain would probably lessen, and it has. Sleeping had been so difficult due to the pain, but it's subsided to only occasional twinges.


I'm starting to get a more regular exercise program going. The Pilates class is going so well that I'm going to sign up for the Mat 2 class starting in March. Both Tim and I agree that I've been getting a lot of benefits from it and should continue. I've also been reading Get With the Program by Bob Greene (Oprah's trainer), and have started to follow that program as well. Right now, I'm in Phase 1. I've completed some journaling exercises, and I'm making sure I drink at least 6 glasses of water each day. Most days, I drink more than that. He also has a series of "functional exercises" that I've completed three days this week. The fourth day, I went to a makeup Pilates class.

I had let my weight go after getting my diagnosis, but I'm working on getting back to a healthy weight. More importantly, I'm just working on being healthier in general. If I exercise, I can cut down on the fatigue and pain and be better prepared to get through each day.

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