Saturday, February 28, 2009

Had a good checkup with the neurologist this week. He wants to see me every 3 months to check on my progress, see if the Rebif is working for me, and to get my blood checked to make sure these meds aren't killing my liver. He called back the next night to tell me that this blood test came back just fine. They all have.

I still laugh when I think about my mother's reaction to an article she read in the paper about Avonex being bad for the liver (back when I was taking Avonex). I just rolled my eyes and said that wasn't news...that's why I was having checkups every three months, because ALL of the drugs can be bad for the liver and needed to be monitored.

Sure, the disease-modifying drugs can be bad for the liver...but MS can be so much worse for a lot more than the liver. It's a matter of perspective.

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