Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been awhile since the second opinion, and things have been fairly routine. Haven't had any major issues, but have had to deal with some of those annoyances that come along with MS. But I've learned to adapt. For example, I've learned that I better have a spare pair of pants and underwear at work, in case those unpleasant bladder problems led to an accident. It's only happened once at work, but at least I could just grab the spare clothes, change quickly in the bathroom, and get back to my day.

Winter brings a double-edged sword. The cold weather is much easier for my system to handle than the warm, but it is challenging to layer up to go outside and then walk into a heated room with all those layers still on my body. The worst thing is that winter brings colds and flu, and my body does not handle fevers well.

I am relieved, though. After wrestling with whether or not I was on the proper treatment, I've had two doctors agreeing that I should be staying the course. Given how I have felt over a period of time, I'm in agreement.

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  1. Hi, from reading your blog, I realized who you are on OT. Geez, I'm dense.

    Anyway, I have a problem with going shopping sometimes because it is so warm in some of the stores. The mall near me is always too warm for me, and I can hardly spend any time there. Mr. Silver is probably grateful for that, though, tee hee.

    I hope your MS treatments are working for you. It is not something I know much about.