Thursday, November 07, 2002

My knees and lower legs are hurting today. It's nothing overly painful, just achy. But the Aleve I took awhile ago has made no difference. I think I'll be pulling out one of those yoga tapes tonight. At the least, I'll do my stretching exercises while watching TV. There's loads of good stuff to watch tonight, so I'll have plenty of time to get some good stretching done.

Last night, I got a generous and unexpected donation for the MS Society sent to me, so I'll be adding that to my overall total.

I owe myself a treat. Spiegel was kind enough to send me a gift certificate for my fund-raising efforts from April's MS Walk, and I haven't bought anything yet. I'm trying to figure out whether to spend it on clothes, exercise equipment, or house stuff. Hee hee hee. I"ll be getting a gift certificate for the MS Pooch Parade as well, but this one is from a pet store, so the girls are going to be the beneficiaries of that! I think the certificate will be from PetSmart, since they donated squeaky toys, etc. to the event. I hope I'm right, because they have all of the girls' favorite treats and Matilda's food (Ellie is on a special veterinary diet).

I've heard that it's supposed to be back in the mid-70's this weekend. I'll have to tease Tim that the weather only gets nice when he's leaving town. The dogs and I will be heading out to Shelly Lake on Sunday. There's a two-mile walking trail there, and they really enjoy our trips out there. It will be a well-deserved fun-in-the-sun day for all three of us. Sure sounds better than sitting around at home watching the Panthers lose to the Saints.

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