Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mobility Devices

Walking can be a huge challenge for people with MS, courtesy of balance issues, spasticity, strength problems, and fatigue.  CNN has a slideshow on some of the mobility devices available for MS patients: Stepping Through Multiple Sclerosis.

I've used a few of these.
- The foot up was useful for foot drop issues, but it complicated those moments when I needed to let my foot down, like going down the stairs.
- I've relied on a cane quite a bit.  When I realized I'd need a cane, I told my husband I wanted a cool one.  Not only did he find me a beautiful one, but he got me a collapsible cane so I could keep it with me.
- I used an ECV (electric conveyance vehicle) when my family went to Disney World.  Without it, I would not have been able to enjoy the vacation with my family.  It was surprisingly easy to navigate, and I got to spend a lot more time in the parks.  There's no way I could have handled all of that walking.

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