Tuesday, August 19, 2003

OK, I've definitely fallen down in keeping this thing updated. I'll try and do better in the future.

Medical Update

I've had every sort of appointment you can think of under the sun during the past month and a half. Now I'm caught up on all of my doctors' appointments. All went extremely well, with the only less than fabulous news being a look at my cholesterol level. I liked my doctor's attitude during the physical when we were talking about my weight gain: "You've taken care of the disease, now you can take care of yourself." She also gave me the name of a dietician, in case I want to talk with someone about modifying my eating habits. I've started a food diary right now, so that I can give the honest answers if I go, instead of talking about the good stuff I remembering eating and selectively forgetting to talk about the rest.

Dog Days of Summer

It's started getting hot and humid here - the typical NC stickiness is in high gear now. Fortunately, I can limit my time outside, so it's not that big of a deal for me.


I haven't been able to participate in the training teleconferences, since the date got switched from Thursdays to Wednesdays. It's OK, though, because they're going to send me tapes that I can listen to once all of the sessions are done. I've also gotten some articles in the mail that I get to read for continuing education credit. I'm required to get 12 hours each year as a volunteer. The two articles I've gotten so far count as 4, plus I have some teleconferences coming up, so I have no doubt I'll easily keep up with that number.

Thursday is teleconference day in August for me. This Thursday, the topic is Alternative & Complimentary Medicine, hosted by a doctor from the Rocky Mountain Center. He spoke at our chapter's annual meeting last year and provided a wealth of information. I'm looking forward to picking his brain again. Next week's topic is Nutrition & MS - obviously, another important topic for me.

On a non-MS note, I've also agreed to be the assistant chair for the Advisory Planning Committee in Junior League this year. This is my first "in-league" placement - in prior years, I've worked with community agencies. I got the assistant chair moniker when my friend who's chairing the committee asked me if I was any good with databases, since we're doing a survey this year. Databases are my job, so I said yes. (I hope I'm good at them, since they are my job!)

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