Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The doggies provide an appropriate background, since I signed up today to participate in the MS Pooch Parade on Saturday, November 2nd. I will be walking 3 miles with my Yorkshire Terriers, Matilda & Eleanor, to raise money for MS. To donate, just click on the link at the side of this page. If you fill in my last name (Sparks) and state (NC), you'll be able to find the link for me and the Pooch Parade.

3 miles should be interesting - I'll have to get the girls in shape by then. Tilda is 11 and Ellie is 10, but they're doing well for their ages. I know Ellie can do 3 miles with no trouble, but Tilda tends to spaz out at the beginning and tires at the end. We'll just have to do lots of practicing between now and then, once the heat dies down a bit. Given how hyper they get when they see their leashes, I'm sure they'll enjoy the training!

As I get this blog in better order, I'll attach links to make it easier to access informative sites. Right now, I've got the donation link at the National MS Society site. I've also got a link to MS Active Source, an information center provided by the company that makes my medicine.

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