Thursday, June 19, 2003

Sick Puppy

I have been one sick puppy this week. Sore throat, fever, chills - ick. I have to admit, I was relieved when I found out a coworker had the same thing I did. For a little while, I was afraid that I was just having some serious flulike symptoms in response to overdoing it this weekend. It was a relief to know that I was just an ordinary person with a normal illness that would run its course, instead of it being related to my MS.

I'm almost back to normal now. My voice sounds terrible, and my nose is stuffed up, but I'm otherwise OK. Meanwhile, two coworkers who have gotten sick are blaming me.

I'm going to delay my shot this week, to give myself a chance to fully recover. Of course, there goes my excuse to sit around all day Saturday, reading the new Harry Potter book.


I got the information about my peer support/telefriend training in the mail yesterday. There will be 3 teleconferences coming up later this summer that I'll participate in. I'm looking forward to it.

House Stuff

Tim and I were so excited about the decisions we've made. We headed over to the Design Center with one of the wallpaper books we had checked out, to see how the wallpaper looked with our tile selections. Then we headed over to the model, where the sales agent told us that they're going with a new tile company, and we'll have to make all new choices for our tile. Hopefully it will be easier this time, since we have an idea of what we like.

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