Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Catching up on life can get in the way of writing about life.


I reacted worse to my most recent shot than I had in awhile. I was so tired, and my fever lasted until Sunday morning. Tim sang with the NC Symphony, but I had to miss the performance because I just didn't have the energy. I got dizzy walking to the mailbox, so we didn't want to chance it.

I've also been noticing more numbness in my right leg. It comes and goes, and it's never all that dramatic. It doesn't affect my mobility. It's just one of those nuisance things.

House Update

We're still in the preliminary stages, trying to pick out what colors everything will be, the tile, etc. etc. etc. Last Sunday we spent the afternoon looking through models to see some of the options, since you can't tell much from a 12x12 tile stuck to a piece of cardboard. Then we hung out in the Design Center looking things over. Mom and Sue ran into us there and offered some help. Then we headed over to their new places to see how construction was (or wasn't) proceeding.


One of the cool things about spring is all of the fresh produce that's available. My company has an agreement with some local farmers, where we buy shares and they bring their wares to the office weekly. I've been getting cheese and tomatoes, and this week we started getting our big basket of produce from an organic farmer. Loads of greens, greens, greens, so we're eating loads of salads, salads, salads. Everything looked gorgeous as I unloaded it from the basket yesterday, so it's been quite easy to get psyched up for salad. They also brought me organic strawberries (yum!), fresh herbs, and some fresh flowers to brighten up our home.

We had a plant sale at work to benefit the day care center. I promised to behave, but for the third year in a row I went overboard. Tim's a good sport, though, because he did enjoy the cherry tomatoes I grew last year. I told Tim I was planning to buy basil, cilantro, and maybe jalapeno peppers this year. Well, in addition to those purchases (and should I mention I bought two different types of basil?), I also bought Roma tomatoes and yellow peppers. This weekend I'll plant everything in the containers. We'll see how long things last before I kill them, or how long it takes for them to go wild. I didn't buy any mint, because the peppermint and garden mint I bought last year have come back quite nicely, thank you very much. Tim's hoping things grow well, because he loves yellow peppers, and because homemade salsa is so yummy. If my plants produce well, he'll have fresh salsa practically on demand.

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