Friday, December 27, 2002

My legs hurt.

While I was in the shower this morning, my right leg started to tingle. I thought this might be a sign that my shower was too hot. After all, I had been warned that I'd probably experience some heat sensitivity, and that it would not be unusual if I had a brief flare-up of symptoms during/after a hot shower. But even though the tingling has subsided, my legs still hurt.

It's probably just inactivity, just like if I didn't have MS. After all, I haven't exercised regularly in a long while, so I should feel some stiffness and soreness. I'm just getting over a cold too, so I'm looking forward to getting more active.

Yeah, I had a cold. I was told that one of the bright sides of having MS was that I would have fewer colds and other similar illnesses, since my immune system is hyperactive. No fair, I want my money back. I'm still getting colds. One of the few perks of this disease, and I haven't really enjoyed that yet. I want my money back.

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